0.9mm - Red Lead (Discontinued)

This product has been permanently discontinued. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Customer Ratings:

  • Red lead
  • 0.9mm lead produces crisp, bold lines of consistent density
  • Strong and resilient
  • Excellent density
  • 12 leads per tube

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We're sorry. This product has been permanently discontinued. Replacement and/or similar products are listed below.


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Customer Ratings:

  • Nicole

    Red 0.9mm lead refill

    Please bring this back , my father has me looking all over the Internet for them. He will not settle for the. 5 or .7 just like the others have said, they break to easily and do not write as smooth.

  • steve

    bring back .9 red lead

    PLEASE, bring back red lead .9 Others are tooooo fine

  • nigel white

    .09mm Lead

    Please bring back this product line



  • Ron

    Please bring back .9mm red lead refills

    The .7mm and .5mm red leads break too easily.

  • Ed

    Why no .9mm red lead refills

    When can we expect the return, of the .9 mm Red Lead Refills

  • Jake

    Please bring this back.

    I agree with the other reviewers. Please bring this product back. The .5mm and .7mm break too easily. The .9mm was a prefect size.

  • Pentel

    Discontinued Notice from Pentel

    Unfortunately, 0.9mm red lead was discontinued in 2012.

    However, we still offer red lead in 0.5mm and 0.7mm.

  • Sheree

    Please bring this product back!

    Even in this electronic age, Accountants continue to rely on the trusty-old red pencil for referencing. Financial compilations and analytics will continue to be performed off-line for many, many years to come. There is nothing more frustrating than breaking the .5 mm red lead every 10 seconds during an extremely busy, stressful year-end cycle. Please, please, please bring this product back!

  • Don

    Too bad they discontinued this product

    This was a wonderful product that has been permanently discontinued. I have started buying them up where I can find them on the internet but they are very expensive. These are great for grading papers and making instructors comments on lab reports. I just wish Pentel would start making them again.