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ClicEraser Grip

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  • Premium, white "pencil-style" eraser
  • Retractable for ease of use
  • Removes graphite lead marks cleanly and completely
  • Refillable with Pentel ZER-2 refill

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Customer Ratings:

  • Francois B

    Great, but I want one with a Metal Tube

    Pentel has a great item here, but in my opinion it would be better if the tube was made out of metal/aluminum . There is no reason to go with cheap plastic for the barrel. This would be the Best eraser ever if Pentel started making this Clic Eraser with a high quality metal/aluminum tube.

  • Lennart


    Ever since i started using the Clic Eraser i refuse to use anything else, the Clic Eraser 1 has a rubber handle that can come loose, and both the 1 and 2 handle can break faily easy, making refills pointless. But with the quality of this eraser and the conviencence of its shape for this price, thats not a problem. I usualy buy a box full to make shure i have a supply of these ready.