Clarius Ballpoint Pen

Clarius Clear!

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  • Elegant ball point pen designed for style and comfort
  • Large, ergonomic barrel fits comfortably in hands of all sizes, while the uniquely textured latex-free grip cushions fingertips to reduce writing fatigue and required gripping pressure
  • Pen tip advances and retracts with an easy click
  • Writes smooth, medium lines with black ink
  • Four exquisite barrel colors: Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald
  • Refillable with Pentel BKK10 refill cartridge

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We're sorry. This product has been permanently discontinued. Replacement and/or similar products are listed below.

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Customer Ratings:

  • Alan R

    Best pen I have ever had

    I used to work in restaurants and when people had to borrow my pen to sign receipts I always got lots of compliments and it was always my favorite. At one point they were getting harder to find so i bought 8 of them hoping that would last me a long time. That was at least 10 years ago and I am down to 2 of the original bunch I had and now I can't find them anywhere (not even on ebay, someone is selling the pensils but not the pens). Please bring this pen back, I want more!

  • Davidson N

    Have refills - will trade for a pen

    We have refills for the pen if someone is interested in trading a pen for refills.

  • Johnny DiBartolo

    Why was this discontinued?

    The pen seemed to be very popular and is listed on several sites as discontinued. I have used it for several years and cannot find a replacement. I cannot understand why it is now unavailable. I would appreciate an explanation. thx.

  • Marilyn Isaacs

    Fantastic Pen

    This has been one of the best pens I have ever used; I ordered a couple for work when they first came out. I liked them so well that I ordered a couple more then I placed an order for my own personal use. I also ordered about 12 packets of the refills. I did not realize that the packages had 2 refills per package Therefore, I had refills for several years. I have retired and still have 3 pens left that I use every day. I am now, finally, needing more refills. Very glad to get the refill number.

    Wish you would make this pen again!!