Aquashâ„¢ Water Brush, Fine Point MEDIUM

Great for blending with water or add your favorite ink or dye for amazing results.

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  • Fill with water to blend, or add your favorite ink or dye
  • Easy-to-squeeze barrel and unique valve system allows you to control the flow of water
  • Flattened barrel keeps brush from rolling off your work surface
  • Durable nylon brush tip holds its point
  • Medium, fine-point tip
  • ACMI Certified
  • Click here for tips on how to clean your Aquash water brush

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Customer Ratings:

  • Karen

    Great product for art products

    I received this brush as a gift and could not be happier with the product. Using this product, you can paint intricate areas of your project with no difficulty at all. Love the fact that the barrel can fill with water so you don't have to keep a cup or water near by. Using this brush allows you to blend your watercolors easily. When desiring a lighter color, simply apply a bit more pressure to the barrel. I also like the fact that it is easy to clean as well as dishwasher safe.

  • PBuotte

    Aquach w refillable cartridge

    Hello from NYC,

    I draw at a lot of live events, ballet, concerts, and sport events. For a few months I was working with the Aquash with a pre-filled ink cartridge. Very pleased with the mark-making, long continuous line, and no need to go the ink well !

    Upon finishing the cartridge, I couldn't find a replacement.
    So, I cut off the tip of the empty cartridge, refilled it with calligraphy ink (better, darker and more permanent than the original ink provided), and sealed it with a marker cap. All good til the marker cap loosened off in my backpack.

    THEN, in another store, I found the Aquash with the empty, refillable cartridge - YES! Great mark-making AND my choice of liquid pigment. I bought all five that were in the store. Best new product in a long for this artist.