8-Colour Pencil

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8-Color Pencil

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  • Eight bold colors in one amazing pencil
  • Colors include Red, Blue, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Pink, and Light Blue
  • 2.0mm lead diameter produces dramatic, bold lines of consistent density
  • Great for highlighting high cotton or linen fiber paper such as bibles, encyclopedias, and dictionaries
  • Refillable with Pentel CH2 lead

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  • Cheryl M


    I love this "pencil", I've had it since 1997. But I have a question. When retracting a lead, sometimes it disappears into a black hole inside the holder. Most of the time I can shake it or gently hit it to knock it loose and then use gravity to get it to go back in its designated spot. But currently I have a lead about 1 1/4" long that is caught somewhere in the middle. I can still use the rest of the colors, but I'd like to get that particular one back in its correct spot. How do I take the pen apart to locate the missing color? Any help would be appreciated. I've looked on YouTube but those are just reviews of the pencil, not fixes.

  • Donna Connot

    8 Colour mechanical pencils

    We love them! My husband still uses his first one... Our grandchildren used them when they were under 10 years old and now great grandchildren are using them ... But the children need supervision as they can jam them. Keep them in stock!!

  • Donna Connot

    Pentel 8 color Pencil

    My family have used these for over 40 years and love them!
    A little risky for youngsters as they can jam them when changing colors but our grandchildren have used them...and of course they love them too!

  • Sandie Pinkston

    review continued

    and which I forgot to add - I have steadily used these pencils for 18 years now and have only had to replace one once or twice.

  • Sandie Pinkston

    Pentel 8 color Automatic Pencil

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this colored pencil! (I personally have 6 of them). They are EXCELLENT Bible markers and I keep 2 of them at my study desk; 2 in my purse, and 2 of them in my Bible.

    (The reason for 2 - is that I keep my most used colors in 1 pencil and the rest in the other - ALONG with the color I use the MOST, that way it is ALWAYS handy when needed.