8-Colour Pencil

Indulge in Colors!

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  • Eight bold colors in one amazing pencil
  • Colors include Red, Blue, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Pink, and Light Blue
  • 2.0mm lead diameter produces dramatic, bold lines of consistent density
  • Great for highlighting high cotton or linen fiber paper such as bibles, encyclopedias, and dictionaries
  • Refillable with Pentel CH2 lead

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Customer Ratings:

  • Donna Connot

    Pentel 8 color Pencil

    My family have used these for over 40 years and love them!
    A little risky for youngsters as they can jam them when changing colors but our grandchildren have used them...and of course they love them too!

  • Sandie Pinkston

    review continued

    and which I forgot to add - I have steadily used these pencils for 18 years now and have only had to replace one once or twice.

  • Sandie Pinkston

    Pentel 8 color Automatic Pencil

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this colored pencil! (I personally have 6 of them). They are EXCELLENT Bible markers and I keep 2 of them at my study desk; 2 in my purse, and 2 of them in my Bible.

    (The reason for 2 - is that I keep my most used colors in 1 pencil and the rest in the other - ALONG with the color I use the MOST, that way it is ALWAYS handy when needed.