24/7™ Rollerball Pen

Free flowing ink offers a effortless writing experience

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24/7 Rollerball

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  • Writing will glide effortlessly across paper with the free-flow ink system
  • Make a bold statement with the concentrated, billiant colored ink
  • Snap-tight cap helps ink last longer
  • Metal tip
  • Nonrefillable

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  • Don J J Carroll

    24/7 is Great, However the Jared Cress review is Priceless

    I love the 24/7pen, perhaps not quite to the degree expressed by Jared in his review.

    I almost died of laughter reading his glowing report, but then I thought, if I do die and went to the beyond, would there be a 24/7 awaiting me at the pearly gates?

  • Jared Cress

    Writing with this pen is akin to looking into the face of God and he smiles back and says "You are my greatest creation"

    Being both a student and avid fan of practicing my alphabet, I have used many a pen in my day. That all changed in the face of the revelation that is the Pentel Rollerball 24/7. From the smooth, unrelenting gloss of the finish to the crisp, bold strokes of the ink, I was enraptured and enthralled immediately. I soon discovered that not only was the quantity of my writing extended - the effortless gliding of the nib across my paper did little to tax my wrist, and I found I could write for periods of up to 80+ hours- but the quality as well. My lackluster, unoriginal and trite verse was transformed before my very eyes into beautiful, flowing script seasoned with the pain and soul of 1,000 Bic disposable pens.
    I soon could not hear to be with my friends and family. They called me reclusive and bitter, choosing to spend my days hoped up in my room with only a candle illuminating the dim scene, the only sound the frantic chaffing of wrist against paper as line after line found it's way from the darkened tomb of the mind and found life in the loving breath of the Pentel Rollerball 24/7. I stayed this way for months, abstaining from all but the most basic of necessities, treating blurry-eyed sympathizers and those who sought to help me with a vicious attack and I would give them no quarter. My outward appearance was unkempt and offensive. I cared only now for the Pen. My Pen. I wrote through endless night, stopping only to burn pages after pages when my cluttered space threatened to bury me alive.
    It was only after years of this behavior that I eschewed paper, instead writing upon the walls of my cell, verses singing the praise of the Pen and the Verse and the Word. Walls gave way to flesh and I soon bore the marks of the Pen, my body proclaiming the knowledge of the Pen. There was eventually nothing left to write on in my room. Every inch of me was covered in Words. So I sat down in the middle of the room, legs folded and closed my eyes, holding the Pen in my hands. Concentrating on it. If the leakproof cap could prevent ink drying, could not I emulate that same quality? If this Pen could effortlessly provide a steady flow of ink 24 hours a day, 7 days a week was it not my duty to be this way as well? My eyes closed, my inner eye opened and turned it's gaze to the cosmos; and i felt my consciousness ascend, expanding. My thoughts gathered at all corners of existence, a thought-process evolved beyond words and humanity. I had become Everything, and yet I was the Pen... The Pen is Everything. The Pen is life. It's in every newborn baby and every passing soul. It's in you and everyone you will know. And If you look with the right pair of eyes, you can sometimes see the beautiful crisp ink of the Pentel Rollerball 24/7, writing the words of life across the universe.
    5/5 would buy again.