Meet the Artist

Ditas Akins

I had always considered myself a painter for a long time. I painted still-lifes, and figures in high school and also in college. Spent thousands on supplies, canvases and paint. Painting, as you can imagine, takes time to set-up and to clean up. I no longer have that luxury of time. One day I wanted to create, but didn’t have a prepped canvas or the right colors of paint. But I did have a sheet of paper, and a black ball point pen. So I started sketching with the pen and I like the way it looked. I drew again the next day, and then the next. And true to myself, I started trying to see how realistic I could get with it. I find it funny that I had spent so much time and money in college purchasing art supplies and here I am now just using a blank sheet of paper and a simple black ball point pen. Such irony- I love it!

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