44th International Children's Art Exhibition Award Winners


Foreign Minister Award Winner



Caitlin Barnes

Ice Dancing


Special Gold Award Winners



Sadie Lee

Kitty Family

Sonia Finkelstein


Dalia Belokon

The World of Mind


Gold Award Winners



Max Baedke

A Happy Day

Ben Zigmund

Autumn Tree

Elena Gurrero

Beauty In Trees

Dana Feng

City of Lights

Sabrina Tian


Chelsea Zhou

Duck In a Swamp

Aliya Shahum


Julia Sherrod

First Day of School

Kayleigh Zimmer


Nicholas Stanis

Going For the Basket

Alexia Scholl

Myself As Collage

Brandon Heiser

Penguin Family

Chae-Rin Youn

Rainy Day

Mattie Williams

Skating Just For Fun

Jenny Lee


Kylie Nelson

Still Life

Lauren Kim

Summer Picnic

Emerson Mace

Tiger Smelling Flowers

Miles Meeker

Wolf Howling On a Rock


Silver Award Winners



Claire Geiger


Anushri Das

Bugs Traveling To the Castle

Robert Hensley

Building My Brick House

Jean Park


Katelyn Crawford

Chameleon Colors

Asha Bunyan

Country Side

Emma Furches

Dinosaurs Take Over

Kana Park


Ryann Fisher

Kill Devil Hills, N.C.

Tyler Snead

Let's Play Outside

Andrea Lanz

Mr. Frogerton

Ethan Bakman

My Dream

Sophia Huang

My Favorite Things

Sarah Evans

My High Heels

Ryan Kaminske

Mystical Forest

Ellen Li


Nicole Uballe

Objects Flying In the Sky

Tucker Sloth


Tyler Cooper

The Bouncy Ball

Jack Crane

The Eagle

Grace Xu

The Pretty Crane

Michelle Chernobelsky

The Rainbow Forest

Samantha Haber

Tiki Bob

Gabriella Robertson

Victorian House


Bronze Award Winners



Jason Ellis

Adventures in Space

Anastasia Popova

Ballet at the Mountains

Ben Fahrmeier

Bird Branch

Avanicio Abaeyta

Bird of Prey

Josh Bennett

Blooming at Night

Catty Donaty

Fifi the Phoenix

Katelyn Ruderman

Giggle Monster

Grace Orman

Girl's World

Kate McCullough

Guilty With Honey

Don Wong

Halloween Haunts

Ryka Woodruff

Hot Stars on a Cool Night

Ellie Schell

Man's Reflection in Water

Carson Dwyer

Me With My Pets

Kara Flaspohler

Mr. Ed the Ostrich

Lauren Kim


Alex Schmidt

Nervous Snail

Evan Deschneaux

Owls In the Night

Gracelyn Lewis


Marley Gordy


Isabelle Mondo

Pumpkin Patch at Night

Rashelle Belokon

Rainbow Cloud

Cammie Neo

Red Fan and Tea

Ethan Sumner

Scarlet Macaw

Zenya Hrycenko

Sisters Touring #9 Coal Mine

Mikhail Zaretser

Still Life with Pink Apples

Zara Watts

Sunset Valley

Caroline Burns

The Flower Stalk

Matthew Nelson

The Rainy Sky

Caitlyn Coyne

The Twins and Me

Claire Larson

Window Bouquet

Sophia Broers

Rainbow Gothic

Atticus Renault



Pentel Award Winners



Julia Yaroslavsky

A Cloudy Day

Zachary Garza

A Day at the Park

Tallula Henderson


Ella Johnson


Michelle Isayeva

Ancient African

Eugene Rhee


Stone Phillips

Autumns Artwork

Willis Flores


Maddi O'Connell

Beach At Sunset

Trinitee Hill

Beautiful Collage

Elizabeth Black

Beautiful Nature

Tejas Nair

Blue Bird

Joyce Kim

Bunny Drawings

Taylor Baird

Calm Sea

Philippe Bakhirev

Camping in New Mexico

Josie Courtney


Hunter Sertterh

Color Pig

Cassandra Goodis

Colorful Water Flowers

Ben Johnson


Jackson Callis

Dark Vampire of Blood

Oliver Brooks

Down On the Farm

David Slobodkin

Dragon Army

Marisa Lienert

Evening Eye

Ruby Mellick


Cara Nestor

Fall Fun

Susan Major

Family Watching the Sunrise

Paolo Vela

Geometric Sky

Abigail Wynkoop

Goin On A Soap

Olivia Farias

Going to the Mall

Addie Wade

Having Fun At the Chuckwagon Races

Mallory Russell

Hearts & Flowers

Elise Downey

Leaves Over the Grey Water

Annie Fee

Murphy and Me

Addison Harrington

My Family

Clarissa Lara

My Family Going to San Antonio

Maylai Pang

My Special Family Dinner

Amber Rodriguez

Picnic Day

Carrye Metcalf

Pretty Tree

Aubrey Bolton

Rainbow House

Lane Ozee

Robotic Robot

Raine Ellerman

Scarecrow in the Fall

Neerav Mula


Jenna Kalamaras

Sunset Sinking Over the Horizon

April Marshall

Sweet Dreams

Sophie Anderson

Swimming With the Seals

Araceli Zaragoza

The Bird

Kaydee Kildow

The Day

Brian Becker

The Happy Tree House

Slade Welch

The Life and Death of Jesus Christ

Brandon Wang

The Mountain Train

Gabby Caiola

The Red Dragon

Isabelle Viner

The Revolving Koi Fish

Avery Branner

The Road Less Travelled

Sahani Sangil

The Simple Life

Keaton Pottorff

The Tree

Quintin Maldonado

The Truck

Kailee Espinoza

The Wild

Isaac Klijian

The Zipper

Allison Chow

Under the Apple Tree

Devon Kishner

X-Games Monkey Pig

Wyatt Johnson

Fairy In Action