Tuesday Teaching - Use Summer Wisely

Tuesday Teaching - Use Summer Wisely

The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are here and for kids that means time out of the classroom and out of doors. While school may be out for summer, you can still encourage kids to learn.

Research shows that many students may lose as much as a few months' worth of learning in the summer. A 2007 study by the Center for Summer Learning at Johns Hopkins University found a direct link between summer learning loss and the achievement gap.

This summer try something different like learning simple words for an upcoming vacation.

Going to a foreign country for vacation? Get a book of simple translations and have fun with the kids pronouncing the 'new' words they'll learn. Here, a teacher is using a whiteboard and Pentel Dry Erase Marker to teach simple Italian phrases.


The Pentel Dry Erase Marker comes in three colors so teaching your kids can be fun and inteesting. Also, it's part of the Pentel Recycology line so you can also teach the kids about using sustainable materials and recycling. The Pentel Handy-line S Dry Erase Marker is made from 55% Recycled plastic.

A teacher wrote us, "The best thing about this marker is that, unlike your competition, there is no detectable odor." "I also like that it's retractable so there's no cap to lose," he added. 

Bottom line is to keep your kids actively engaged in the world. The more they can apply their book knowledge to new experiences and activities they enjoy, the more learning will take place.