Spirit Of Wonder Wednesday – Aquash Review by Pentel PEN-fessional Gabriel Reyes

Spirit Of Wonder Wednesday – Aquash Review by Pentel PEN-fessional Gabriel Reyes

I love carrying around small portable sketchbooks for sketching and doodling. Sometimes it’s a pain also trying to carry a set of markers or a watercolor set to color while on the go.  I usually keep an eye out for such sets and not too long ago the Pentel Arts Aquash set caught my eye.  After I kept talking about it Twitter and Facebook, Pentel of America was nice enough to send me a set to try out.

My first impression was that it was a pretty set. It had a Pentel Aquash waterbrush, 10 watercolor crayons, a sharpener, a cleaning sponge, and three small wells to mix paint.

I’m used to using watercolors with the paints being in pans and I’ve never tried painting with crayons so I was eager to try this set out.  I started by filling the waterbrush. The brush (made of synthetic nylon) unscrews from the handle and water is put in. Water flows out of the handle and into the brush by squeezing the handle.  The handle has a shape that I wasn’t used to and that looks odd and awkward but is actually super comfortable to use.  Once that was done I did a quick sketch with my Pentel Graph 1000 X Stein. I then “colored” an area using a crayon. The crayon rode across the paper smooth and didn’t seem too waxy. After the area I colored was to my liking I went over it with the waterbrush. The water soluble color immediately dissolved in the water and spread like normal watercolors.  I wanted to try using this set in a different way so next up instead of coloring the sketch then going over it with the waterbrush; I simply loaded the brush with paint by using the crayon as a paint pan then painting the color on the paper. I actually preferred this method better only because I learned how to paint that way first but either way would be comfortable.

My overall impression was that it’s a great set to have. It’s a decent size with a variety of colors and materials you need to paint on the go. I kind of wished it was a little more compact like the Pentel Aquash Mini Watercolor Set but that just gives me a reason to support Pentel and supplement my many art supplies by getting that set as well. The brush was awesome to use. After trying others this one has become my favorite. The brush tip was a medium size which was good for fine detail or broad washes. The water inside the handle seemed to last a long time as well. The colors were rich and vibrant (too bad my scanner hates me enough to not get a good scan) and the crayons make it easy to put some quick color and add water later if in a rush.  The three mixing wells are sufficient but being as this set is in a tin I also used the inside of the cover as a huge mixing well itself.

I’m extremely happy to have this set added to my art supplies and it will definitely be in my heavy rotation list. Thanks Pentel!