Refill on Us!!

Refill on Us!!

Like most Americans, you probably have too much stuff! In fact, if you look around I bet you could easily find ten things right off the bat that you could get rid of. If you did that everyday think of how uncluttered your life would be.

I spent much of last weekend cleaning out my mother-in-law’s place to move her. Boy, people sure can accumulate a lot of stuff! That gave me the incentive to look around my office.  When I opened my pencil drawer I was not happy:

Wow, cluttered desk drawer!

Who needs 10 pencils, 12 pens, 5 markers, and 3 highlighters? Do I really use them or are they just taking up space?

Ok, so you’re probably wondering why I would have some non-Pentel office products in my desk drawer. Well, because before I started working for Pentel, I kept pens from the hotel, pencils from seminars, and various other items.  I had to keep them all because I was afraid the pencil would get sharpened away or the pen would run out of ink – so if I kept spares in the drawer they’d be available. You probably think the same way.

However, working for Pentel I’ve been exposed to a different way of using office supplies. In a word: REFILL! Mechanical pencils are refillable. Think about how much space you’d save with one mechanical pencil and a package of lead. Many of our pens are refillable – like some of the EnerGel, the R.S.V.P. and the HyperG. We’ve revolutionized the highlighter and marker industry by offering our REFILLABLE Handy-line S markers and highlighters.

So now my drawer looks like this. (I even found money under all the clutter!)

Pays to be organized.

What does your desk drawer look like? I’ll make a deal with you – send me a picture of a Pentel refillable product in your desk drawer next to a non-refillable product. We’ll send you a refill for the Pentel product if you promise to recycle the non-refillable one after it’s used up!

Can’t wait to hear from you! Send your pictures to and leave a comment below about your picture or about anything Pentel.