Recycology Friendly

Recycology Friendly

It’s not often you meet someone who is working towards a greater goal in their everyday life. Well, we recently met that person and he gets what Pentel is doing, too, as we aim for a greater goal. Yes, we’re in the business of writing instruments, but we do so much more. As you may have read on our blog, website, Twitter and the Internet, we support the environment by supplying eco-friendly writing instruments. The products in our Recycology line are made from a minimum of 50% recycled plastic.

Last year we were involved with many Earth Day events and we gave away a bicycle to one lucky winner. Well, we think we were the lucky ones. The winner was Rob Rafson and we might not have met him if he hadn’t won the bike. We were excited to learn of Rob’s efforts to support a greener America and we thought we’d share this with you.

Rob is an Environmental Engineer building a Renewable Energy Independent Power Producing Company.  He’s presently building the largest Solar PV system in Michigan (150 kW, enough to power 20 homes!).  According to Rob, “We are at the beginning of changing the world for the better, but it can not happen without continued political goodwill and support.”

Rob built the largest solar thermal system in Illinois pictured here.

Rob continues, “I would ask that each and everyone who reads this, to pick up their recycled Pentel pen or pencil and write your state and federal lawmakers asking them to build stable long term incentives for renewable energy.  If we all work together we can make a sustainable future a reality in our lifetime.”

Thanks for all you’re doing for the environment Rob and thanks to all of our Pentel Recycology supporters for being eco-friendly!

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