Pentel People Are Creative Too!

Pentel People Are Creative Too!

Technically, being artistic and crafty isn’t a requirement to work here at Pentel.   However with all the innovative products around for us to test and try out, the creativity just emerges. You’ve seen some art created by our fans in some of our other posts, now take a look at what our own employees have created.

The image below was created a few years ago but the message is timeless. Each employee was given a blank square of fabric and asked to illustrate how they view the world. These are not professional artists. They’re our office workers, warehouse workers, sales people and executives.  The squares were put together to make this beautiful quilt which is hanging in the entrance to the Torrance corporate office.

Quilt designed and assembled by Pentel employees

Employee Sharon Eriksen was tired of wearing the same old shoes. So she decided to do something dramatic with them. With the Pentel Arts Fabric Gel Roller in hand she took her plain shoes from B-O-R-I-N-G to explosive!

Sharon is a young artist. She not only draws but she crafts and sculpts as well. She is our “go-to” girl whenever we are searching for a new and fresh idea to add to our Pentel Arts creative portfolio.  Sharon has been known to whip out amazing creations such as packaging artwork, greeting cards and designer shoes with light-speed turnaround time!

Employee Sharon Eriksen created these decorative shoes with the Pentel Arts Fabric Gel Roller

Dressed-up shoes by Sharon Eriksen

Jeff Manthey is the newest artist to be added to the Pentel team, as one of our Graphic Designers. He created the drawing below, “Howling Wolf”, using a Pentel GraphGear 1000 Automatic Pencil to sketch the drawing and then added color using the Pentel Arts Aquash Set.  Jeff also created the leopard image below which will be used on various Pentel Arts catalogs and other media.  He sketched this particular drawing with a Pentel Twist Erase CLICK and brought it to life with the Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen.

"Howling Wolf" by Jeff Manthey

You'll be seeing a lot of this "Jaguar" by Jeff Manthey. Jeff used the Pentel Twist Erase CLICK Pencil and made it dramatic with the Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen.

Some of our favorites are the images drawn by Pentel employee Michael Storie. Michael used a number of different Pentel products to create these detailed drawings. Here at Pentel, we know that Mr. Storie has a brilliant gift.  He can take almost any Pentel or Pentel Arts product and effortlessly draw images in incredible detail.  His ability to capture the essence of an object or scene and make it come to life on paper is extraordinary and rare.  A few of us have been privileged to watch Mr. Storie as he turned simple strokes into works of art to create a masterpiece.

Notice the detail in Michael Storie's drawing. Mr. Storie used Pentel Arts Hybrid Technica to create this drawing.

Employee Michael Storie's artwork using the Pentel 8-Colour Pencil, Aquash Brush, and Color Brush