Pentel PEN-fessional Ryan Wolf – Motivation Monday

Pentel PEN-fessional Ryan Wolf – Motivation Monday

(This post written by Pentel PEN-fessional Ryan Wolf – check out his blog On The Tiny Side!)

Pentel Sign Pen

I love fine point pens – in fact, in most situations, the finer, the better! With the advent, in recent years, of gel pens that are 0.3, 0.2, and smaller, I’ve been happy as heck. But sometimes I need to write something that is more visible. And writing on my preferred grid paper, with a pen whose lines are no wider than the grid lines themselves… isn’t precisely what you might call “visible”.

At all.

The last package of goodies from the folks at Pentel included a shiny black sign pen. In the intervening weeks, I’ve meant, dozens of times, to write a proper review of it – the thought has occured to me every time I’ve grabbed and used it. Available in 12 colours, singly or in pouches of 5 or 12, Pentel calls it the “original fiber tipped pen…and still a best seller. Vivid, water-based ink writes expressive, bold lines. Perfect for general writing, drawing and adding character to any signature.” I call it: attention-grabbing.

This pen lays down a thick, juicy line of ink that dries fast, with minimal feathering, and no bleed-through. I tried it on a Rhodia pad, Field Notes, and cheapo copy paper – there was some show-through/shadow on the copy paper, but even that wasn’t enough to rule out writing on both sides. And on the the Rhodia and Field Notes? Not even an issue. And the line really pops, making it just as legible on gridded paper as on plain. It’s an absolute pleasure to use. The tip, enormous when compared to some of the finer daily-use pens in my arsenal, is nice and solid-feeling, not mushy like some felt- and fiber-tip pens can be. It also does not leave tiny spatters behind, from frayed or damaged fibers. The cap posts easily and pops back on with a solid snap.

I’ve had a lot going on, lately, and have been pretty “list-dependant”. I’ve also needed to leave myself, and others, important notes. The sign pen has been a great tool – from making some list entries bold, to leaving bold, clear notes and reminders. None have smudged or smeared, none have gone through the paper, and none have been missed. Trifecta!! I’ve found myself reaching for this pen often.

I’ve added the 12-colour pouch of the Pentel Sign Pen to my Amazon wishlist. I can foresee a number of artistic uses for these, as well, from adding colour to line drawings to highlighting calligraphy. And doodling. And colour-coding lists. And… you get the point. Now, go get a sign pen! [This one's mine.]