Pentel & Influenster Team Up for College VoxBox 2012

Pentel & Influenster Team Up for College VoxBox 2012

We were so excited to be a part of Influenster's College VoxBox 2012 last month. Thank you to all the members who reviewed our EnerGel-X and R.S.V.P. pens!

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EnerGel-X is the latest addition to the EnerGel family of Liquid Gel Pens. The high-performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience. The Gel ink dries so fast even left-handed writers love it - no smears, no smudges and no globs. The barrel provides maximum comfort and control with a latex-free grip. Constructed from 84% recycled plastic, EnerGel-X is part of the Pentel Recycology line dedicated to reducing landfill waste and protecting the environment.

Here's what some of the fans are saying:

"I really like this pen! I like that it write smooth, it does not smudge and it dries really fast. Another that is really nice about this pen is that it does not bleed through the paper" -- Sarah K.

"I love the way these write! Such a smooth and fine line. I love how precise it is and doesn't seem to smudge!! Im hooked!! They also seem to last! I have trouble finding a pen that will last through more then a couple of lectures!!" -- Alexa S. 

"I really like this pen! The liquid gel is so smooth and easy to write with. My boyfriend is left handed and he loves that it doesn't smear all over his hand when he write. He likes it so much he 'borrowed' it from me LOL" -- Tiffany P.


R.S.V.P. is one of the most popular ballpoint pens from Pentel. The long barrel accepts a larger ink refill, which allows you to write for almost a mile! The stylish design and well-balanced barrel makes this pen a favorite. No matter what size hand you have, the long barrel makes this pen exceptionally easy to use and the durable, stainless steel tip delivers a consistent line without skipping.

Here's what some of the fans are saying:

"This pen delivers a smooth flow of in and helps me write effortlessly for hours! The grip was perfect and the size of the barrel is extremely comfortable. No need to scribble before starting to write with this pen!" -- Matt A. 

"I got the RSVP fine in blue in my Inflenster College Voxbox. I love fine pens because of the exact line they give you. The ink was very streamlined and clear. It was easy to read and well put together so you don't have any exploding or leaking ink anywhere." -- Casey D. 

"These have been my favorite pens since high school. They are so comfortable to write with and i swear they make your hand writing look a lot better than it actually is. " -- Heather Z.

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