Olympic Games: A Look Back to 1984 With Pentel of America

Olympic Games: A Look Back to 1984 With Pentel of America

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Hope K. - The 1984 Olympic Judo competition was held at my alma mater, California State University, Los Angeles. Many of my friends played in the marching band at the opening and closing ceremonies. Unfortunately, I was not able to perform with them as I was teaching tennis classes at the college. I did, however, get to attend a few days of the judo event.

Laura Anne M. - I was only a few months old but my mom took me downtown to watch the torch run by. Kinda cool to say I saw it. Too bad I don't remember it!

Maria G. - OMG, how funny that you brought this up as I was just telling my good friend about it....her and I, (high school buddies) living in LA, went on a mission to find all the possible memorabilia of the games, while they were playing in LA - I bought posters, banners, pens, pins, etc. - of course they are now all gone as with each move I got rid of all of it...but we have good memories....

Andi R. L. - I broke my collarbone the week of the Olympics in 84, so I watched most of it.


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Now it's your turn! What do you remember about the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics?