Olympic Fever

Olympic fever- it’s everywhere. I happen to be a big fan of the Opening Ceremonies. Seeing the athletes enter the games, in alphabetical order, is for me, like the Disneyland ride of “It’s A Small World” coming to life. The diversity, the national pride, the eager, nervous smiles of the athletes- simply put, it’s thrilling.

It’s not an easy road- getting to the Olympics. It requires sheer determination, consistency, dedication, and a bit of luck. In today’s economic environment- there are lessons to be learned from Olympic athletes.

Lindsey Vonn, the Unites States skier that suffered a shin injury that almost prevented her from attending this year’s Olympics- mustered through and won a gold medal today, despite her injury. When adversity strikes, athletes take a step back, adapt and go forward.

This strategy works in business too. In the midst of a recession, it is ever important to focus on what our customers are saying, hone in on the products that differentiate us and stay true to our brand. At Pentel of America, we are doing just that.

We know that environmentally friendly, green products are important to you. They are to us. We are focused on utilizing our Recycology line of office supplies to continue to prove that going green does not mean you have to compromise quality.

We can’t win this race without you. So if you have found your way to our new blog, I’d love the opportunity to hear from you. Hear what you like about Pentel, and more importantly, hear ways we can improve. Feel free to send us an email at custserv@pentel.com. And now, it’s time to root for more Team USA!