National Handwriting Day Winners

National Handwriting Day Winners

We were so moved by the amount of letters we received from fans to help make a difference in their local communities and schools. It's challenges like these that help enact change for the better in the areas in which we live in.

We would like to say a warm congratulations to our National Handwriting Day winners, Rebecca W. of  Hartland, WI and Jazzmyn G.of IL! With the choice to donate the $2,500 worth of product to their favorite school, both winners decided to donate to the schools that they attend.


Jazzmyn G., of Waukegan, IL, writes:
"We need more funding so we can get some more supplies. We also need more funding because the cracks in the wall are so big birds fly in and bother us... What we really need is better building, conditions and books... We need all those things so we can get better grades."

Rebecca W., of  Hartland, WI, writes:

"When I walk into class, many students don't have desks to sit in and are left to sit in an uncomfortable chair shoved in the corner of the room... if we can make our school a little better in these tough times, I believe our academics will rise to a new high... Please consider funding our school. We won't let you down."