Motivation Monday- The Pentel Stylo

Motivation Monday- The Pentel Stylo

Editors Note: Enclosed is a review of the Pentel Stylo. This Monday’s reviewer is Gabriel Reyes, an avid Penfessional. Gabriel’s views are completely his own, and although Petel supplied Gabriel a sample of the Stylo to review, he did not receive compensation.

The Stylo Pen is an interesting take on a classic nib. I saw a website promoting the Stylo as a Pentel sketching fountain pen (don’t get me wrong, it is) so I ordered one. Upon it arriving and me uncapping it I saw the nib and thought, what the heck is that?! To try and describe it as best as possible it’s a small flat triangle with a cylindrical ridge going from base to tip.  Sounds weird right? Looks weird. The rest of it is a smooth brown barrel with a cap and metal clip. No design and no grip.

Before I put pen to paper I have to admit I was skeptical. Would Pentel fail me for the first time? Ha! Pentel surprised me yet again. What looks as far from a classic fountain pen nib writes exactly as one. I first tested line width. I’m not an expert but it seemed to make a line width of about .5 and when I put more pressure on the pen I seemed to get a .9 out of it. Great line variation for a sketching pen. It also felt like a classic nib by making the “scratching” sound and feel a classic nib always does.

This pen is non refillable and I haven’t had a chance to see how long the ink lasts but so far It’s becoming a common pen to grab when I want to do some quick sketching or when I take my small sketchbook with me.

There is also two other versions to the regular Stylo, the Tradio Stylo, and the Pulaman Stylo. The Tradio and the Pulaman look a little flashier and have a nicer sleeker design. They also look like they have a grip as opposed to the regular Stylo. I’m eager and hope I get a chance to try these as well.

I think anyone that likes writing with a fountain pen or anyone that has ever wanted to try should give this a go. Pentel definitely brings its own style with the Stylo.