Motivation Monday - Happy Left-Handers Day

Motivation Monday - Happy Left-Handers Day

Saturday was International Left-Handers Day!

We salute left-handed writers who use Pentel pens. Since left-handed people have to place their hand over the paper as they write, the ink has a tendency to smear. That’s why the Pentel EnerGel works so well for left-handed people. Not only does it write smoothly at any angle, it is QUICK-drying so there’s no time for it to smear!

Some household tools are also made for left-handers. Watch Home Improvement's Salute to Left-Handed Tools. Tim Allen and Richard Karn are both left-handed. Not to mention the late Earl Hindman.

Here's a fun Pentel video about a left-handed job-seeker:

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Do you know the names of the left-handed Presidents of the United States?