Meet the Pentel PEN-fessionals!

Meet the Pentel PEN-fessionals!

It’s no secret that people near and far love Pentel products and we want everyone to know why they love us. We rounded up a group of product enthusiasts to talk to you about Pentel products. We even took it a step further to give this elite group of fans their very own name.  The Pentel marketing team talked…brainstormed…exchanged suggestions…and that’s how the name of the group was born:  The Pentel PEN-fessionals.

Our members are Pentel product ambassadors and professionals in every way..that’s right..they live, eat, and breathe Pentel products (well, maybe not actually “eat”, but you get the idea).  They are passionate, honest, and proud of their insane love for Pentel writing instruments.  They are people who are active in the online community, boasting about our products, supporting us every step of the way.  We will provide the newest and greatest products to these folks to get their feedback and reviews on them.  They help us spread the word about the quality and features that our products offer.

So please, welcome the team with open arms and keep an eye out for our PEN-fessionals’ reviews, ideas, and tips.  We have a lot in store for you and we plan on changing the world one pen at a time (can you tell we are excited)?

If words could jump off of a paper, we would make the following words jump and shout:

“Thank you loyal PEN-fessionals!  We look forward to having you along for this fantastic ride”!

Meet our Pentel PEN-fessionals