“Make” Someone Happy

“Make” Someone Happy

I love home made gifts.

Mason jars filled with hot chocolate mix, an apron stitched together from vintage dish cloths, a hand knit scarf- these are a few of my favorite things.

For this year’s holiday celebration, my favorite gift to give is a personalized scrapbook. Throughout the year, I collect photographs of significant events, and in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I create my scrapbook pages. What’s in my arsenal of scrapbook supplies?

The Pentel Arts Outline Marker. I love this. I use this for all of my titles. The color is saturated and deep- and the borders it automatically creates around my letters give it such a finished edge.

The Sunburst White Gel Pen. This is awesome for journaling. I use a dark colored paper background (preferably black or navy), bordered with white paper, and my Sunburst gel to write with. The letters pop!

Pentel Tape n’ Glue- my secret adhesive weapon. The Tape n’ Glue, made out of recycled materials- contains 82 feet of double sided sticky fun. I spent most of this morning using my Tape n’ Glue and white paper to make these snowflakes!

One of the greatest benefits of working with art supplies is to see how different people use the same items to create their own crafts. A few weeks ago, we sent Pentel Arts scrapbooking supplies to crafty women across the country.  In turn, they sent us photographs of their scrapbook creations.  Take a peek!

Here’s to hoping you find at least one or two home-made gifts at your holiday celebration! It’s not only the thought that counts- but the time and effort to create a gift show the recipient how much you really care. Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays!