{GIVEAWAY} Recognize a Hero!

{GIVEAWAY} Recognize a Hero!

Recognize a Super Human Hero! 

This week we are honoring our loved ones-- those affected by cancer.  Make a difference in their life, enter to win them a year's worth of Pentel products! Enter below for a chance to win a backpack stuffed with Pentel goodies to share with someone who has taught you to be strong when the going gets tough.   

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Give Back, Help us Cross Out Cancer,  Ink in Pink! 

Pentel of America, Ltd. is a dedicated sponsor of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

Our Pinky Promise™ products were designed to create a fabulous writing experience as well as support a meaningful cause. 

The variety of products that we offer ranges from pens, to pencils, to study packs.  These are not just ordinary pens and pencils....they are pens with meaning and pencils with a purpose.

With each Pinky Promise™ product sold, we donate a portion of the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Reasarch Foundation.

Striving to make the world a healthier, cancer-free place continues to be a important priority for us.

Check out our Pinky Promise™ products and join us in making a difference!