Finish Line Friday – I (A Dog named Louie) Go To Work

Finish Line Friday – I (A Dog named Louie) Go To Work

This entry was written by a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Louie. The opinions expressed here are his own!

Today’s the day I’ve been waiting for all year! June 24 the day humans call “Take Your Dog To Work Day”. This is the equivalent of a dog Christmas. Or winning the lottery. I win it all today.

First of all, this is the day I get out of the house and spend time with my owner. And I mean out!! I get to ride in a car (I want to win one of those but more about that later).

Once we get where we’re going, I can tell my owner has been there a lot because she really knows her way around there. She seems happy to be here. She’s especially proud to show me off so I better be on my best behavior. But I’m still a dog and I have certain needs…

1. Chewing. Around here there are a lot of “sticks” that my owner calls “pens”. Well, they have this top on them that makes a really good chew toy. But my owner doesn’t seem too be too happy about this revelation. I heard her tell her friend – “Well it’s made from Recycled plastic cause it’s part of our Recycology line so maybe it’s not all bad, but he really shouldn’t be chewing it.” Sigh.

2. Rolling things. I love to push things along with my nose. So when I saw something called the “Wet Erase” this looked like a fun game to me. I rolled it from office to office as people exclaimed “isn’t he cute?” Boy am I happy today! My owner says it’s a good thing I picked the Wet Erase because the marks I made on the linoleum floor will wipe up with water.

3. Toss the ball in the air. Well, how was I supposed to know it wasn’t a ball? It is sort of round. I found this on my owner’s desk. It’s called a Tape‘n Glue. If you pick it up just right, throw your head back and let it go it acts just like a ball! My owner says it’s not a toy and people love to use it when they make their scrapbooks full of cute pictures like she did of me! See, she loves me!

4. Being brushed. I found something that looks like what my owner brushes me with. I brought it to her and whined (I love to be brushed) but she politely explained that this isn’t a brush for dogs. This is the Aquash Water Brush that artists use to make very cool paintings of cute dogs like me.

Well, it’s been an exciting day but now it’s time to go home. In that car again! And speaking of car, they were all really excited today talking about the entries they have received for a sweepstakes to win a new car. I may be good at a lot of things (chewing, playing, etc) but I found out today that I’m not very good at using the computer. But since you’re reading this you are! So, what are you waiting for? Enter the sweepstakes to win a new car! They tell me you just go to: to enter.

See you again next June 24th!