Finish Line Friday - Have A Safe Weekend

Finish Line Friday - Have A Safe Weekend

Most of us view our backyard as an extension of indoor living space where we can relax and entertain, where no harm will come to us, our children or our pets. However, accidents can happen anywhere at any time, and just like you childproof your house, you need to childproof your backyard.

Here are some tips to follow when childproofing your backyard:

Keep emergency contacts in the backyard with important phone numbers. Write them with good handwriting and in black marker so they are easy to read in an emergency even in the bright sun. The Pentel Handy-lineS Permanent Marker would be a good marker to use. 

* Cover any protruding bolts on swing sets and do not attach ropes or cords.

* Remove old tree stumps and rocks, level concrete footings to avoid tripping.

* Seal wooded items such as decks, swing sets and picnic tables yearly and remove and sand any rough areas to avoid splinters.

* Completely fence pool and spa areas with self-closing latch and self-latching gates.

* Eliminate access to lawn equipment and chemicals. Put these items completely out of the reach of children.

* Keep a first aid kit accessible, and a rescue kit for those backyards with water features, as well as your mobile phone.

Your backyard can be one of the most exciting places for your children this summer, a little prevention along the way will keep it safe and provide wonderful memories for your family.