Finish Line Friday – Happy Birthday Earth Day!

Finish Line Friday – Happy Birthday Earth Day!

Editor’s Note: The following blog post was written by Ryan W., an avid PEN-fessional. Ryan’s views are completely his own, and although Pentel supplied him with sample product, he did not receive any monetary compensation from Pentel. (If you like Ryan’s images visit

One of the benefits of being older than Earth Day is getting to see it grow along with people’s awareness of environmental issues. Simultaneously, I’ve gotten to see great improvements in the “green” products available, specifically in the pen and paper department. I used to work for a big box office supply retailer, and I remember when we first got cases of recycled copy paper: it looked like someone had cut up a pair of flannel pajamas. It was soft, grey-ish with random speckles, and could only be used in laser printers or copiers, or with a ballpoint pen.  Ink jet printers or any “liquid” ink would literally soak right through. And recycled writing instruments? There weren’t any. The closest you could get to “green” was to buy a pen [or mechanical pencil] that was refillable.

Pentel has a long history of environmental awareness and responsibility, and they have really embraced recycling. Their efforts to make recycled writing products available haven’t stopped at one or two models: the Recycology line contains a double-fistful of pens, pencils, markers, etc., ranging from 50% all the way to 100% recycled material. The pencils [obviously] and at least six of the pens are also refillable, including the “Handy-line S” series of retractable highlighters, permanent and dry erase markers.

Here’s the part that matters: these aren’t just made from recycled materials, they aren’t the pen-equivalent of that early copier paper. They are the same great quality Pentel puts into all of their products – because they are the same Pentel products you may already know or be using. I especially like the Hyper-G retractable gel pen – it writes even smoother than the EnerGels and has a sharp-looking, comfortable barrel – and the 0.25mm Sliccis that just about everyone loves.

While I may be older than dirt Earth Day, I will admit to being fairly new to dedicated recycling efforts. [Man, that dumpster was just so convenient!] And I’ve been pretty shocked at just how little actual “garbage” I produce. So, I’m way more aware now at how easy it is to make an effort. And I really like that Pentel has made huge efforts for many years. Now they’ve made a dozen more with their Recycology products. They are widely available, reasonably priced, with numerous color and ink options, tip and lead sizes, making it even easier to put less into the landfills.