Finish Line Friday - Father and Daughter and Love of Art

Finish Line Friday - Father and Daughter and Love of Art

This blog post was written unsolicited by Gabriela. Gabriela and her dad started the GABandPOP blog, a father-daughter blog about art and other things. Gabriela is an artist who prefers pen or pencil on paper. Pop loves to draw for entertainment (dinosaurs for his grandson)! 

I became interested in drawing people after seeing an incredible exhibit of David Hockney portraits in Los Angeles. I had always enjoyed drawing faces, but thought capturing actual people was too difficult. The breadth, beauty and bounty of Hockney’s work inspired me to begin. I wish I had started sooner. Please visit Hockney’s official website to see what wonderful things he’s creating these days.

My initial subjects were family and friends. To this day, I derive pleasure from spending some time with a familiar face. As I became more confident, I expanded to artists, writers and politicians. Some faces – and people – are more interesting to me than others.

Tom Wolfe after having just finished Man in Full.

I did this sketch of Tom Wolfe after finishing Man in Full from a photograph from the same set as the one on the inside back cover. The photographer is Jacques Lowe. The sketch is done with with a 0.5 mm Pentel GraphGear 1000 Mechanical Drafting Pencil. This is the best mechanical pencil I have ever owned, by a large margin. One of the cool features is its retractable pencil tip, which makes it practical for people on the go. You can also mark the hardness of lead in the pencil, so you always get the line you want.

Note: you can see more of Gabriela's sketches here: GABandPOP.