Bullseye! Late Breaking Back-To-School News!

Bullseye! Late Breaking Back-To-School News!

We interrupt your summer vacation for some breaking news:

Target is now testing Pentel Arts supplies in 358 of their stores- nationwide! You can find them in the Back-To-School section, on an end-cap... Wait. Maybe it's easier if I show you:

Look for a sign like this!

Do not get distracted by the Smurf lunchboxes & Hello Kitty thermoses. Continue to make your way through the bevvy of beautiful school supplies until you see this:

This photo taken at a real-life Target, by a real-life afficianado of art supplies. Thank you Alicia T.-@KindredWolf!

If I can help you locate a local Target, or any retailer carrying Pentel Arts- feel free to leave me a comment, or email custserv@Pentel.com. You need to maximize the amount of time you have at the pool. School will be here before you know it!